Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No More Jessica Alba, Please..

Okay, I admit it.. It's kinda silly to get jealous with your boyfriend's Hollywood idols...But true, I'm sick with Hollywood candy-girls who have the greatest legs, fantastic bodies, with no act-talents whatsoever...

And what makes me wanna puke is every time me and my guy watched movies with Jessica Alba or Lindsay Lohan or Ali Larter in it...He started to become a jerk..A shallow guy with comments like, "Oh gosh..look at her legs!" or "Damn..she's so freakin sexy.." ARGH! Enough is enough...

And all I've ever done, every achievement I've had..It feels like nothing if he started to express his love of the beauty of women..And yes, I have talked to him about his shallowy attitude..But you know the answer?

"I'm not shallow..I'm just a guy...Guys will be guys..We adore beauty of women..You have to accept it..And if I'm shallow..I've chosen any girl with great legs and no brain..But at the end, I chose you, rite? You've won...if there was even a competition..."

And damn it, I was speechless. Just noted in my heart, next time I will never ever watch Into The Blue, Sin City, or any movies with Jessica Alba in it, with him by my side...*sigh*

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