Thursday, October 13, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Sooo..if there's someone asking me what do I learn since I became a mom, probably I would answer: I learn to expect the unexpected. Of course every parent will have high expectations on their children. Healthy, happy, smart and successful. That's totally normal. But sometimes, we just have to accept things as what they are.

I wanted to breastfeed Yofel until he's 2 years old, but unfortunately, I couldn't do it. So many things happened, so many choices had to be made, and eventually we gave him formula. Was it the end of the world? Maybe for some time, it felt like it was. But when I look back at that time now, I can smile and think ,"Well, we have survived, he's healthy and happy and I love him more everyday!"

I wanted Yofel to stay on his car seat everytime we went with car. But for several reasons, we had to give up our car when Yofel was less than 1 year old, and we started to travel by taxi, or by joining someone's car. So we had to say goodbye to the car seat, and well..accept the fact that it doesn't mean the end of the world either =D

I was also dreaming that Yofel will be very easy with eating his food. He will eat everything, from Indonesian food to Middle East one if necessary. He will be very adaptive even if we have to travel to Alaska. But the fact is totally different than my dream! Yofel is a very very very picky eater, not only he doesn't want to eat Mediteranian food (oh well, I can live with this, hehe), he can't even chew his food properly! He's choking and vomiting every time we gave him real solid food. Fried rice? Baked potato? Some fancy quiche? Out of questions.

Sometimes I just want to give up. Sometimes everything seems so difficult. Sometimes I don't have enough patience to deal with all of this. And I could only look at the kids on the next table in the restaurant with full envy. They eat everything!!! Sometimes even in the high chair!! Oh my goodness. God I want that happens on my table so much!!!

But then again, I think I've learned the lessons. I remember when I waited anxiously for Yofel's teeth to show up. And not until he's over 9 months old that miracle happened =D And what about when he kept on crawling until he's one year old? And how happy I was when suddenly, out of the blue,he looked at me with his smiling face, stood up on his two feet, and walked. Just like that!

So I think God does make everything beautiful in His time. I learn to expect the unexpected, and accept the unacceptable. And yet I am very grateful for the lessons Yofel gave me throughout these years.

Happy birthday, my curly boy. These past two years were the most wonderful time in my life =) I love you.