Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Short Trip to Bonn

When my boss in the NGO where I've worked part time in this last couple of years told me, that they were opening a full time position in Indonesia as a Liaison Officer, I didn't think too serious about it. The details of my big day (which, answering some people's question, will be held in December) was quite giving me a constant headache. That's why, I thought a full time job was the last thing I need (although, come to think about it, the money part does make it sound a bit more interesting, hehe)...

But, since I've been working for quite some time with them, I thought this job would perfectly fit me. There will be no office (only working from home, huray!), lots of traveling to eastern part of Indonesia (which has too many places that I haven't explored before), and having a boss in a thousands miles distance...Quite tempting, hmm?

So I decided to just go for it, sending my resume, and suddenly, they asked me to come to the headquarter (which is located in Bonn, Germany) to have a final interview with some of the managers. So the next think I know, I have packed my small suitcase (without really knowing what were exactly I put inside it), and said goodbye to my family and my guy.

I was more nervous about the interview, so the fact that I will go to Europe for only 5 days (including the journey) didn't really fascinate me. Actually I didn't really care where the interview took place, as long as I wouldn't do anything stupid in front of my future employers.

So, I sat in Lufthansa for more than 12 hours, cursing the European plane with their lack of entertainment (but what could I say? my ticket is paid by the organisation, so I didn't have much choices, did I?), and spending most of my journey by sleeping. And finally, still in jet lag and didn't have any clue how to get to Bonn from Frankfurt Airport (I was given the direction to my hotel, of course, but my sense of direction itself was very dangerous to be relied on), so imagined how happy I was when accidentally met Indonesian students who just got back from their holiday in Indonesia, and on their way to Bonn!!(Gabriel and Sisco, I owe you guys one!).

So, I arrived in my hotel safely. A nice hotel, actually. But the very next question was: What should I do now? The interview was scheduled for the next day,so I had to spend one day in the city, alone. The thought of it suddenly hit me. I was alone in this freaking city, without knowing what to do. I didn't prepare my mood to become a tourist, so it took me quite some time to switched my mode into "exploring the city" mode.

But turned out, Bonn is quite beautiful. This city is actually the birthplace of Beethoven, so I decided to start my journey from the Beethoven Haus.
The nice thing about the city was its public transportation. The system was exactly like the one in Netherlands, so it's not really complicated for me. I took the tram to the Main Station, and from there walking to the museum. Beethoven Haus was a nice place, with lots of stories, archives, and bits and pieces about Beethoven.

Then I went to the market, (or centrum, like we called in the Netherlands), browsing some shops and taking pictures of beautiful buildings, having lunch in one of the squares, and going back to the hotel. It's easy to get homesick when you're traveling alone, but somehow Bonn reminded me a lot with Den Haag, from the old buildings, the pigeons in the squares, people with bicycles, even the way they say thank you.

On the second day, I had my interview, but to tell you the truth, all the images from that interview was just a blur, mostly because I was too nervous to remember anything, haha...Well, my presentation was not that bad, but those questions they asked!!! Huhuhu....

Anyway, on my last day, I decided to walk around the city for the last time. I stopped for a short time in Museum of The History of Federal Republic of Germany , buying some German sausages (yep, the pork ones! hahaha)for my mom in one of the supermarkets, and sat on the side of Rhein River, which divided the city into two beautiful parts.

And, despite my desire to really get the job, I felt very grateful to have this short yet wonderful trip experience. It's a great feeling when you think, hey, I'm a citizen of this beautiful place called Earth, and there are so many great places ready to welcome me...=)

PS: Several things about the Bonn-ers:

Like most of European people, they like to chase the sun...even when the sun doesn't feel like showing in the city. Don't worry...there'll always be the Sunpoint...where you can get the tan even though the sun feels like hiding forever =)

Don't feel bad about your English when you're in Germany. They also struggle with the language. And believe it or not, Wall Street Institute is definitely a good choice to start! (Well, now you don't have to be ashamed when walking to your class in Wall Street Institute in Ratu Plaza or Kelapa Gading Mall).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Baru gue sadar kalo selama ini gue udah sangat terbiasa dengan keyboard QWERTY, dan mendapatkan kesulitan luar biasa menggunakan kezboard QWERTZ....

untuk nulis alamat emailpun misalnza, hasilnza adalah seperti iniÄ astridfelicia" @ harus diakses sedemikian rupa karena terletak di tombol huruf Q, dan harus ditekan bersamaan dengan tombol AltGr....

gak bermutu zah postingannza kali ini...hahaha-.-(Gue kok jadi serasa ngobrol sama Mr Punk...tau kan, guru fisika galaknya Lupus di novelnya Hilman..hehehe)

Yaaa..ini hanya catatan singkat dari sebuah warnet di tengah kota Bönn...will continue the story later----

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I would never thought that there is an important difference between imported and local flowers, red roses and white lily, wedding cake and champagne,or white, off white, and broken white gown (why on earth there's so many whites anyway?).

And I've never realized that we had to take so much time to choose the color for family's uniforms (and why, again, there has to be uniform after all?), and to arrange all the forms and official documents. Ow, and the never ending questions: who's going to take the ring to the aisle, what's the theme of your wedding, and how many invitations you would like to print?

And, it's going tougher when the guy you think you've known so well, started to act quite annoying: What if we add about 100 people to our guest list? (Yea, as if we still have lots of savings in our bank account!!!) Can I change the color of my suit? (yep, after I bought a songket which has perfectly matched the previous color he chose). OR, how bout this type of conversation:

Him: I don't like the design of our invitation card
Me: Then, how's the one you like?
Him:'s not quite like that...I have it in my head, but somehow I can't describe it...
Me: So draw it
Him: I can't draw
Me: Just try it
Him: ...
Me: So?
Him: Let's use the one we had..

(BUT, this conversation had been repeated on and on again, say, like every single day!!!!)

I would never have thought that it needs so much effort, patience, and compromise, to prepare for something, that at the end, only means one thing: my commitment to love him for every single day of my life. (But as everybody says, this is only the hell yeah, i will enjoy it till the very big day arrive!!)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Salah satu unsur paling penting - sekaligus paling sulit - dalam proses mencintai seseorang, adalah menerima. Yaa...menerima semua perbedaan yang ada, menerima hal-hal konyol dan menyebalkan yang sudah melekat erat dengan karakternya, bahkan menerima segala sesuatu yang sudah menjadi satu paket dengannya, seperti keluarga dan masa lalunya.

Well, buat gue, proses "menerima" tadi butuh waktu yang cukup panjang, apalagi saat menyangkut suatu hal yang sudah sejak lama merupakan "a big no-no" dalam hidup gue. Satu hal, yang sejak dulu....sudah membuat gue antipati. Mungkin namanya karma, gue malah bertemu, jatuh cinta, dan memutuskan untuk menghabiskan sisa hidup gue, dengan seseorang yang justru merasa hal tersebut adalah jalan hidupnya.

Yep, lupakan yang namanya menerima, karena yang ada, awalnya kita berantem dan berdebat nggak ada habisnya. Sampai di satu titik, karena sudah terlalu capek, kita hampir memutuskan untuk menyudahi saja semuanya.

Tapi, jauhhhh dari dalam hati, ada suara yang mengusik gue. Kenapa sulit banget buat menerima, padahal nggak ada alesan bagi gue, selain karena gue sudah telanjur antipati dengan hal tersebut? Padahal lagi, hal itu justru bisa membuat dia menjadi orang yang lebih baik? Jadi, gue mencoba. Dan syukurlah, gue nggak pernah menyesal.'s not easy to love someone, just the way he is. But hey, I've tried, and it felt damn good to accept him with every flaw and every greatness he has.

dedicated for my guy, i'm glad we've tried!