Friday, August 30, 2013

98 the age of my grandpa when he passed away last week.

He's one of the oldest persons I've known, who had lived a rich, awesome life. He loved to read even when his eyes could not see really clearly anymore. He even still drove a car until he's 90 years old and the police rejected his request to extend the driver's license :)

He liked to write me long letters, the most memorable one was the one he sent me when I was living in Netherlands.

He's the only grandpa I've ever known, but incredibly we were not even blood related! He was my dad's stepfather, but since my other grandpa was gone before I was even born, I never knew other grandfathers.

He showed me how to reach my dreams, and even though we had some differences, I still loved to have a long discussion with him.

He was a great painter and loved to give his paintings to us, so we had something to remember him wherever we will live.

He was a good man, and we're going to miss him a lot.

Rest in peace, Opa Yo :)