Friday, April 11, 2014

You'll Survive

People come and go.

How many times have you said goodbye? Lots of times, I bet. Like so many people out there, I hate goodbyes and farewells (who doesn't?).

A few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to my boss for the past four years. It's a bit dramatic since he decided to leave quite abruptly - before his contract actually ends - and with a bit of drama-rama (and some baggage left behind!!). I was feeling lost because we are actually in the middle of reorganizing everything in the office. Mad, sad and abandoned, I felt the whole situation was kinda unfair to us the staff. Because of some dispute between the higher authorities, we were left alone - and without any guidance how to proceed with the tasks until the new boss comes.

I remember when my old boss said to me, "So this is it, kiddo. I wish you the best things in life, and I know you'll do fine." I was between hugging him and punching him since it was easy for him, the one who left, than to us, the one who'd left behind.

Not long after that, I got news from my personal trainer (PT) in gym, the one who had made me keeping up with healthy life for the past six months. He said to me that he will move to another gym - quite far from my place- to pursue a better opportunity. I was devastated since I like him and his trainings a lot. He's the one who always supported me whenever I wanted to give up. He's the one who made me realize that it's possible to change your way of life - even though you're already in your 30s and haven't done sports for a decade.

And just like that, he's gone, after transferred my training to another PT.

I hate goodbyes. I hate losing people. But here I am. With a new boss coming my way (he'll be here next week and rumors said he's worse than my previous boss, but we'll see!) and a new PT in the gym (my first session with him was yesterday and surprisingly went quite well!!)

Yes there are some adjustments to make, some things that I still miss, and some differences that are hard to take. But guess what? I survive.

Yes, people come and go. But I'll survive. We'll survive :)