Monday, March 18, 2013

Yay or Nay?

1. Religious schools
Is it better to enroll your kids in religious schools instead of some international/universal (non religious) schools? I studied in Christian and Catholic schools all my life, and I was thinking to do something different with my son, giving him different environment. But turned out, Christian and Catholic schools are the ones that will accept students who were born in odd months like October or November (other schools suggest us to wait for another year). So I guess I will have to reconsider my options. Strong based of religions might be good, but I would also like my kid to have more diverse environment, and know many kind of people. Hmmm..dilemma, dilemma.

2. Being friends with your ex(es)
Is this something that people do because they want other people see them as the "cool ones"? Oh yeah, we hung out together last night. Me, my husband, my ex and his new girlfriend. Is it true, that you could forget everything that has happened in the past and start a new kind of relationship without any baggage left behind? From boyfriend to bestfriend, is it possible?

3. Having another kid
Yep.. this has been a dilemma for quite some time now. I have lost count of how many people asking me the sacred question "Jadi kapan nambah lagi?" Because hey, who said that having more than one kid (or, having a kid at all) is mandatory? It's a choice. But sure, lots of great things coming from having more than a child. The more, the merrier. I have known a US Professor who said to me once, "The best thing you can give your kid is a sibling". Awww...really??

4. Getting a PhD
Is PhD for everyone? I admire my mom who could still obtain a PhD in her 50s. Even me, in my 30s, doesn't have that much energy! Well, I had my master's degree and it is quite an accomplishment for me. But yeah, sometimes I was wondering am I a PhD material? I'd rather do another master's than plunge into 4 or 5 years of research. I always thought myself as a more horizontal person than a vertical. I got bored easily, I love to do many different things. But still, a dreamy cloud of PhD still hanging right there close to my head.

5. Living far from family
This is my neverending dilemma. I would really love to live in another place right now, having a whole new adventure. But to think of going away from my big, fat, chaotic family, had always made me sad. It scared me to death if I have to receive a bad news about my family when I am faraway from home. I just got back from Bangkok the other day for a conference. And I remember how bad I felt when I heard that my Dad was hospitalized when I was away. It broke my heart to think that something could happen when I was not there - although of course anything could really happen anytime. But still.

So what do you think of my dilemmas? Are there more yays than nays?