Monday, December 01, 2008

Birthday Bash

So I turned 28 last week...And how do I feel? Totally remarkable.
This has been a wonderful year for me..I've got a new job (yeah, have I told that I finally landed my Bonn-interview?), an amazing family and friends to spend time with,and a soon-to-be husband, so what else could a girl ask for?

Well, this year's birthday was quite exceptional though. While I was very eager to spend my last single birthday surrounded by my family and friends, it happened that I had to go for a workshop in Srilanka. Yep, I was a bit feeling down, imagine celebrating the birthday in a country that I never thought that I would set my foot into. But, what could I say? As a new kid in the team, I didn't have any choice but to attend the workshop.

What I never imagined is,it turned out that the birthday itself was very great! Although at first, I was very cranky because my cellphone couldn't work in Srilanka. But that sulky mood suddenly changed at the end of dinner, when the lights were turned off, and a cake was presented in front of me, along with Happy Birthday song in various languages. I was very surprised, because I've never thought that these very newcomers in my life could actually be really caring and attentive. (thanks you guys, my new friends from Thai, Vietnam, India, France...)

So, as I have experienced in the Netherlands a few years before, there will always be a new family, bunch of great people you'll find along the way...And adding that to the existing adorable friends and family I've already got so far...Hmm..I couldn't ask for a better gift.