Sunday, September 14, 2008


I would never thought that there is an important difference between imported and local flowers, red roses and white lily, wedding cake and champagne,or white, off white, and broken white gown (why on earth there's so many whites anyway?).

And I've never realized that we had to take so much time to choose the color for family's uniforms (and why, again, there has to be uniform after all?), and to arrange all the forms and official documents. Ow, and the never ending questions: who's going to take the ring to the aisle, what's the theme of your wedding, and how many invitations you would like to print?

And, it's going tougher when the guy you think you've known so well, started to act quite annoying: What if we add about 100 people to our guest list? (Yea, as if we still have lots of savings in our bank account!!!) Can I change the color of my suit? (yep, after I bought a songket which has perfectly matched the previous color he chose). OR, how bout this type of conversation:

Him: I don't like the design of our invitation card
Me: Then, how's the one you like?
Him:'s not quite like that...I have it in my head, but somehow I can't describe it...
Me: So draw it
Him: I can't draw
Me: Just try it
Him: ...
Me: So?
Him: Let's use the one we had..

(BUT, this conversation had been repeated on and on again, say, like every single day!!!!)

I would never have thought that it needs so much effort, patience, and compromise, to prepare for something, that at the end, only means one thing: my commitment to love him for every single day of my life. (But as everybody says, this is only the hell yeah, i will enjoy it till the very big day arrive!!)

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