Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

I still remember..the good old days when we've become friends..
Two giggling girls in blue and white uniforms..
Sitting at the back of the class..exchanging letters and song lyrics..
Chatting in the phone until our parents got mad (although we've just met a few hours earlier at school!)..

And girl, how we're struggling together..Trying to be part of the high school frenziness..Getting our hearts broken and mending it again..Freaking out everytime the report card got out..

College days were a lot harder..And although we've made many new friends..we're still keeping it up with each other..Me, with my complicated relationships..and you, with your one and only love..

And sometimes, I miss those great days..When we're talking and talking about life and everything..Not about jobs, money or the future, but basically about anything that can make us feel comfortable..we're not alone, that's the most important thing.

But here I am, watching you in your beautiful kebaya, with your guy by your side (yup, still the same partner!), feeling very happy for you..And it's okay, if we have to talk about marriage..and jobs..and long as we're still good friends, being there for each other in thick and thin..I can deal with that...=)

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