Wednesday, October 08, 2008


What makes me love Bandung so much is the ability of this city to give me endless surprises. This city has many hidden treasures, ready to be discovered in any time.

You'll be surprised that at the back of St Aloysius school building, in a crowded-small place with only a tent covered it from rain or shine, there's a very delicious Batakuah (means: Baso Tahu Kuah). Very original taste, in a very cheap price.

And in Jalan Bungsu, in a small alley across Atoy Salon, you could try a great mie ceker. Yummy.

Or, how bout this store at the second floor of a small building in Dipatiukur, where you could find choices of old records, including the first album of NKOTB and Pink Floyd?

Or, for me, who love books more than anything...There is this little attic shop in front of Unpar, called Omunium, that sells lots and lots of second hand books, books that are very hard to be found in other stores, with a magnificently reasonable price. I've just found this Newbery Winner book, that is quite rare around here, in only Rp 24.000,00. I always love to smell the pages of a second hand book, while imagined where that book came from, who had flipped its pages before me...

Those little treasures are the reason why I love this city so much. And to think that I would have to leave again soon (this time, for good)'s heartbreaking.

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