Monday, April 03, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

When I was a little girl, if I liked something, I tended to become addicted to it. But then, out of the blue, I will get bored and then just leave it behind me...That bad habit is still with me now, in my 25-years-old-body-and-soul...

I am crazy about Harry Potter..and I read the books without knowing the time..I remember I even read one of those when I was in my exam period in college, and I just couldn't stop! I know all characters, I even tried some of Harry Potter quizes and got 100% score in almost all of them...

I also had a BIG crush of Leonardo DiCaprio...I watched all of his movies (and still am!), I collected his pictures, and I even had clippings about him when I was in junior high school...(but trust me, I've stopped this habit since then..hahaha).

And how about the New Kids On The Block era? OH MY GOD! How I was sooo in love with Jordan Knight, begging my mom so I could watch their concert (my first concert ever), feeling so good because I was the first one who had NKOTB backpack in the elementary school, and how I know every lyric of their songs and every step by step of their dance...Damn embarrasing if I think about it now...

And now...when I think there's no stupid things that could make me feel addicted..I bumped into one of yahoo crazy service, when everybody could ask and answer each others questions (and collected points)..How I like to answer those crazy questions, and ask my own crazy question just to find out how others will respond to it...And again, without realizing it, I've become addicted to something stupid!

When will I get rid of these guilty pleasures? Or is it only a part of being a human? Does anybody out there have his own guilty pleasure and are willing to share it with me? So maybe...I could have less guilty feeling...=)

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