Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chester, This One's For You

He was born in one crazy night, more than 6 years ago..Since the beginning, we knew that he's gonna make us crazy with his hyperactive personality.

From a small fatty little golden, he became one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen. People tended to get afraid of him, although he never meant to hurt anybody. He just wanted to play with you, but unfortunately he didn't realize that not everyone could stand his big body, including being crushed by his big feet!

Once, he ran away from our home, and trespassed to other people's house. He made quite a scene there =)

He's a nice friend to be with, a bit annoying, but you'll miss him if he's not around.. He's our own personal Marley...And he's gone now.. We're gonna miss him so much.

Goodbye, Chester. Thanks for those wonderful years...

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