Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Waking up in the morning, hoping to play a bit with your kid before going to the office. What seemed like a simple wish apparently led into a crazy day. Your kid had accidentally dislocated his hand while rolling on the bed, and suddenly everything was a chaos.

Your babysitter suddenly had diarrhea, and your kid was crying out loud. Your apartment looked very messy, and all you want to do is going back to sleep, pretending that this was just a bad dream.

But sadly, you opened your eyes and everything was still a mess.

What can you say? This is what people called being a parent. And it's not an easy job, at all.

*dedicated to my baby boy, who's no longer a baby. Happy first bday, and we love you no matter what! (wait for my post about the bday party!)


  1. yofel keseleo ya say??mudah2an cepet sembuh yaaaa tangannyaaa...

  2. huhu iya nih, tp kmrn dah dipijet lumayan kok, thx ya say =)

  3. Happy 1st Birthday *mwah mwah*

  4. thank you tante floooo =)