Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lost and Found

Last month, one of my very best friends in the office had resigned. She was my only compatriot, the one who understood so much about craziness in the office, our emotionally unstable bosses, and gossips about coworkers. We backed up each other if there's bad situation, and we even sent emails back and forth if we needed to talk behind our boss's back, right in front of her nose =D

So I was quite devastated when my friend decided to leave. Not only I have to do the work all by myself now (even though there were some new people coming around), but I don't have someone to really talk to!

In the middle of my friendless crisis moment, I bumped into a bunch of people in the internet. Started with book-blogwalking, tweeting and facebooking, I suddenly met some great people, bookworms just like me, who love books more than anything (well, almost anything!), and they accepted me into their circle, just like that!

I have befriended some people from the internet before, mostly new moms who I met in the forums or twitterland. But sometimes in the parenting world, it was a bit difficult to find a true friend, who doesn't want to brag all the time about her kids, or her parenting style. I was a bit tired of this so-called competitive parenting world, and backing off a little was kinda relieving for me.

And meeting a whole different kind of crowd was truly a blessing. No one's bragging about anything. Everybody has his/her own opinion and we appreciate all nonetheless. Sometimes we have a hot discussion about a certain book, but we enjoy it so much. No hard feelings. And talking about competitive, we actually have our own competition too, especially if it related with a book quiz or book review competition. Everybody wants to win! But if we lose, that's okay too, as long as one of us wins! =)

Friends always come and go. And no matter how difficult it is to try to cope after your friend leaves you, there will always somebody else around, even if that means you have to find them in the most unusual places or circumstances.

For #BBI, thanks for letting me in! And I hope this friendship will last, and I will meet you all in person someday =)


  1. I'm happy to share with you sist,
    I hope we can support each other.

    maybe we can meet someday yaa :)

  2. Astriiid, baru mampir-mampir ke blog ini, sisi lain seorang Astrid, tsah. Kita memang banyak miripnya nih, daku juga penggemar serial tv :)

    Bergabung dengan #BBI memang bikin kita berasa punya keluarga baru ya, ini renaca kopdari BBI tahun depan, mudah-mudahan bisa ya :)

  3. couldn't agree more, nice post..

    salam kenal, lompat dari blog ferina si lemari buku:)

  4. helvry: thank youuuuu =D

    mia: ihhhh makasi udah mampir lho hahaha...iya mi, semoga bisa segera terwujud kopdarannya ya!

    riana: salam kenal juga, thanks udah stopping by ya =)

  5. *hug*, astrid...
    baru baca nih postingan ini :)

  6. fer: thanks, dear *hug back* =)

  7. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Hahahaha.. Sama banget trid.. Sebelum nemu BBI ers aku suka merasa aneh sendiri.. Soalnya di lingkungan dari kecil ngga ada yang semaniak bukunya kaya aku, jd suka merasa geek sendiri.. dulu temen2 kuliah suka aneh kalo aku lg stress dan kalapnya ke toko buku, apalagi skrg orang kantor ngga ada yang nyadar kalo pegawainya ini suka menghilang di jam istirahat sekedar buat melepas tekanan ke gramed, hehe.

    Curcol deh.

    Senangnya bertemu temen-temen BBI, kapan kita Kopdar !!! :)

  8. Idem deh sama kamu & Annisa, aku juga suka merasa gak cocok di kelompok manapun, gak bisa "klik" gitu, sampai ada BBI. Yayyy...hidup BBI! Eh, kopdarnya mau dimana nih?

  9. Anisa n Fanda: ayo bangeeet kopdar!! harus jadi nih...mungkin pas festival pembaca nanti ya bisa ketemuan sebagian? =D