Monday, December 17, 2012

Four Years

Soooo it's been four years since we said our vows in a church in Bogor, in front of the people whom we love so much. And how's marriage life treated me so far?

To tell you the truth, it's not all rainbows and butterflies like I thought before. We are two different people, with two very different needs, and we really have different approaches in solving our problems. We're not the perfect couple. I am not a romantic, even in our first year of marriage he could tell the obvious fact.

And after being with one person for these past four years, sometimes I miss my single life. My carefree-do whatever I want to do- days. When I could sort all my plans without having to consult anybody. When I didn't have to bear a heavy responsibility as a mother and a wife. When my identity was simply me. Myself.

And then the reality hit me hard. Do I really want to go back to those days? Days without the little boy's laughter and cries? Days without having someone to talk to after a series of unfortunate events? Days without my own little family?

I can't imagine that happens to me.

Yes we don't have a perfect marriage, yes we have so many unsolved problems, yes we have very bad days. But who doesn't? 

We don't live in Twilight world anyway. And even there, they have their own problems.

Happy anniversary!


  1. Happy 4th anniversary ^o^

  2. Happy Anniversary !
    Cheers to 50 more years..
    or forever :)

  3. @Indah and Banana: makasiiiiii =D