Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Becoming a Legal Alien

Today I went to the Immigration Office and finally taking my ID Card..After a long and winding process..With lots of worrying, complaining, cursing the Dutch government system, wasting time and also money...At last..I become a legal alien in this freaking country!

But still..after 4 months dealing with the Dutch..there are things that I could not understand..or maybe..do not want to understand.

The way people in public services treated clients..The time wasted for waiting my burger's been done in McD (and they called it fast food...why?)..The high prices for almost everything..The after midnite programs in TV (naked girls, girls with no clothes, girls and even old women looking for dates...goshhh)..The no-rice-and-sambal in KFC (and I always bring my own rice and sambal if I go there...)..The so-called chilli sauce (with no chilli taste at all)..The long for finding bubur ayam after taking a walk on Sunday morning (and found patat instead...)..And the everlasting homesick...

But anyway...I try not to think too much about those things..Because there are such things that I wont trade with anything else..The warme chocolade melk met slagroom..The cold and white snow..The late night laugh and gossip..The exciting new places..The baileys-heineken marathon..The cool and nice city..The friends for better or worse..And the experience of my lifetime...

I keep thank God for giving me this chance..=)

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