Friday, March 03, 2006


Yesterday, finally I've received all my grades for previous semester. It's not really bad, although I think I could have done better...Thanks to my laziness and deadline-minded! =)

Actually, there are lot of things that I've learnt since I've been in this course. The framework of thinking with more flexibility, doing qualitative papers with convincing argument instead of just rellying on numbers like I usually did in my bachelor study (for god sake, I was studdying industrial-engineering then...!), trying to work together with people from around the world...adjusting to any kind of people with different culture and background...and even trying hard to fit in with the Dutch-teaching-system...It's hard, but also fun in the same time...

Anyway, as I collected my papers in International Office yesterday, I've accidentally bumped into my friend's assignment. And without thinking, I read the note that was placed in the front page of her paper. It's my teacher's handwriting.

"If you want to graduate with distinction, you have to get 8 for the average grade. And you still can do it if you want to improve this paper".

And suddenly, I felt sick. It's been allowed to receit your paper if you get the score under 5.50. But for me, to give the second chance just to make a student graduated with distinction is not a really fair thing to do. Especially if you know exactly how close this teacher to that particular student.

How if there are other students who have exactly the same grade with her? Do they also deserve the second chance? And how about other students who have the score a little bit lower than her? Is it really unfair if they also ask for the opportunity to upgrade their score?

I have no idea why this thing really bothered me, because I'm not a kind of person who like to mess around with other people's businesses. Maybe because I hope for a more fair system here..But you never know..Maybe it's all the same everywhere, even here, when justice and fairness become one of the most crucial things..Or am I being too judgemental? Or maybe...deep down inside...I just hope that I will be given that second chance also...

*Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea = SHIT! taken from Icha Rahmanti's Beauty Case...

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