Monday, June 26, 2006

A Rush of Blood to My Head

A few days ago, I went to Wallibi World (previously known as Six Flags), a great amusement park in northern part of Netherlands, with my friends from school.
It's been a while since my last experience to ride crazy attractions like roller coasters, and i felt rather afraid yet excited when I arrived there.

And really, all the roller coasters were crazy. The one that made our legs hanging in the sky, one with the highest peak ever(and I know how much I hate height!!!), one with terrible speed, and the craziest thing that made us rode backwards. Damn!

But true, that day I felt the adrenaline, the blood rushed to my head, a feeling that I haven't felt for quite some time.

Unfortunately besides the excitements, there were other things that made my blood rushed to my head. I met a bunch of bastards there in the park, Dutch boys that made several annoying comments while we were quieing for the ride. They kept asking my friend from Carribean if she came from Africa and whether she's legal here in Netherlands. C'mon! I think even a whole of African and Carribean students got better education about how to talk with people politely than those useless Dutch boys.

Okay, people here told me that the Dutches are very unwelcome to the immigrants because lots of the immigrants are trouble makers. But please, how about us, foreign students that just want to make our life better by studying here in the so-called-civilized country?

On the way back from the park, there were other incidents in the bus. I sat with my Chinese and Taiwanese friends, and a bunch of Turk and Moroccan boys kept shouting and singing bad words about Chinese people.One of my Taiwanese friends shouting back to them, but all she got were more insults from those crazy people.

I just could not stop wondering. What's wrong with the system here? When good people like my housemate who tried to get a decent job here got bad response only because the office did not want to arrange the documents for her, but racist people like silly Dutch boys in the park and trouble makers in the bus could live freely.

I'm totally speechless. Just feeling the blood now, rushing to my head, again.

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