Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old One, New One

To make a change for my blog is such a big deal to me. The last time I made a template change was in 2003, a few months after I started this blog. So it's almost seven years ago! Imagine how many new blogs were emerging in that period of time. Of course with a better technology, cool templates, and various topics.

My reader friends had always associated my blog as a "simple, blue blog". I don't like the confusion of html and programming language. That's why I didn't really care about how my blog looked like. For me, what's inside it is the most important thing.

Until, haloscan, my comment provider, was closing its account, and all my comments were suddenly gone. I accepted the fact with a broken heart. For me, the comments represented my friends..people who always cared for me, for what I thought, even the unimportant ones. Sometimes, I met people for the first time through this blog, and became good friends with them, although we never even met in the "real" world. (hello, flo! Please keep on blogging...)

But still, life must go on, and I decided this is the right time to start a new page. Well, not a new blog for sure, only a little change that could brighten my days. The content is still the same. The writer, despite her current status as a mum and wife, is still the same girl as the one who started blogging seven years ago. Maybe some lessons throughout the years had harden her heart, and some experience had made her a bit more mature. But she's still the girl who fell in love with words, and she will always be. No matter what.

Thanks for keep reading my blog, guys! =)(whoever you are..)


  1. bagus koq, tid =)
    keep up the good work yaaaa

  2. hi, tid...
    i'm just your opposite. changing blog, changing templates way a lot more than writing the blog. hihi...
    anyway, blog gw skrg

  3. hohoho... ganti kulit juga ya tid :)
    salam buat baby yo :)