Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working Mum

One of the hardest decisions I've ever made was to get back to work again after spending so many beautiful moments with my boy as a stay at home mom. I've never realized how priceless it is to look at baby yo's face whenever I want to, or to hold him tight every time I want to express my feeling for him.
Now, I become one of the working mums, just like my mum when I was growing up. It's tough, because everytime I miss him, I couldn't just go to his room and playing with him. The only way to lighten my mood is looking his photos in my facebook page...

I never knew how hard it is to leave your child in the house, even though only for 8 hours. Suddenly, you just don't care about the carrier path anymore, about the overtime, the business trips...The only thing you want to do is coming home early, to catch up with your little one, playing with him before he falls asleep.

And I promise myself, if I have a choice, I would take a different way. Really I would.

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