Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One Fine Day

This was a great day...Had guest speaker from Nestle in my class, got lots of free chocolates...Yummy...
The wheather was nice, a little windy but with lovely sunshine all day long...I even didn't wear my jacket when taking a walk outside the campus.
Had a very nice evening, with nice conversation, a cup of choco plus a piece of taart, and a night walk around the city... (Bedankt ya Chris..)

And as I checked my mail when I got home, there's something in my Inbox. It's from him...
Excited, I opened the email. Nice, with words that as usual, always make me smile. But in the end, there's a line that made me think.

"You're my best friend, right?"

My smile was gone, and I felt a little cold. I am his friend. He is one of the best friend I've ever had. But why is it my heart suddenly feels so empty? What's wrong for being just a friend for him? What do I expect?

Damn!! Why is it a very simple question can ruin my one fine day??

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