Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Somehow I really missed my home these days. Silly of course, because it's only two months until the day I'll go back to Indonesia.

But what can I say? I missed my house and the crazy dogs, I missed my Mom yelling at me because I don't want to clean my room, I missed talking to my sister, sharing Marlboro Light Menthol and a can of Bir Bintang, I missed the comfortable soffa in the living room, my favorite place to spend the whole season of 24 series DVD, I missed driving around in the city, stopping by in every distro and just sitting in Selasar Dago, I missed all my friends, from the one I share the most of my stories with(Congratulations for you engagement girl, I really wished I could be there...), to the one who was my loyal companion of DVD and CD searching in Dalem Kaum (Hey...when will you arrive in UK? I wish we could at least meet before I get back home..).

And all the songs in my playlist did not help me with this homesick thing, they made it even worse...Linger-Cranberries, Somebody-Depeche Mode, Dari Hati-Club 80s, Bimbang-Melly Goeslaw...and so on...and so on...I even re-read the book Cintapuccino, only to experience one more time the feeling I had when I first read the book in Bandung (especially because the setting of the story was Bandung after all...).


But for now, back to reality first...To my unfinished thesis, my wonderful friends here, the long summer days, and of course, all unforgettable experiences...=)Chomp-chomp!

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