Tuesday, September 12, 2006


...and i looked around my room. my tiny little room. with all the posters gone off the walls. and instead of the books and messy papers that usually covering the floor, there lying my huge suitcase, open.

and i remembered. all the nights i spent here. sometimes accompanied with homesick songs. or broken heart tears. or brain that felt like exploding because of all the deadline assignments.

and i sigh.

this year, i learnt a lot. not only about theories, putting my thoughts into the papers, or dealing with the teachers. but most of all, about living far from familiarity. about love. and friendship. about struggling and surviving. about experiencing every details. about being thankful. about living life to its fullest.

and here i am, in my little room, trying to put my one-year life into one big suitcase, one travelling bag, four card boxes, and a very graceful heart. ready to end an era.

and once again, preparing for the new one.

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