Wednesday, December 08, 2010

For Parents in Need: The Urban Mama Indeed!

The Urban Mama Writing Contest

I am not a person with motherly instincts. I love kids, but I've never dreamed to have lots of them since I was a child. I love playing with children, but I know nothing about raising a child on my own, or even doing a simple task like changing diaper or feeding a baby.

So, I was very-very clueless when I was pregnant and finally have my own baby Yofel (yep, not a nephew who I could give back to his parents if he started to get naughty!). I read several books about pregnancy and parenting, but still, so many questions unanswered and so many things I need to ask.

My curiosity led me to internet (of course!) and I stumbled to many websites, blogs, and mailing lists. Some could answer my questions, but some made me feel more isolated and guilty than ever. I couldn't give Yofel ASI Exclusive, and to read many negative comments about formula and bottle feeding made me feel really sad and bad about myself.

Then one day, a friend of mine mentioned a forum I never heard before: The Urban Mama. A bit sceptical at first, but I thought, ok, let's give it a try. And wow! I'd mesmerized of its tag line: There is always a different story in every parenting style. I totally agree with this!

And since that day, The Urban Mama became my saviour. I learned A LOT about many things, from breastfeeding to Baby Led Weaning, from traveling with infants to choose a recommended baby bottle. Ok, there's one tiny bad point from this wonderful forum: It brought out the shopaholic in me! Hahaha, I found out many cute brands that I've never known before, from baby stroller to diaper bag, and it makes me craving for more shopping! =)

At first, I only became a silent reader of The Urban Mama. I'm not a fan of internet forum, and I feel a bit uncomfortable to share my problems or stories with people I don't know. But when Yofel had his colic problem, I had no idea what should I do, and decided it's time to seek an advice from the amazing parents of this amazing forum. And what a surprise when I found out that many people actually answered my questions! They shared their stories, gave advice, and offered support. Imagine, these people whose faces I didn't even know! I felt warmth inside my heart, and quickly became an active member of the forum. I remembered how great it felt when you got support from other people, so even though I didn't have solutions for every problem, at least I tried my best to offer support and comfort, by writing an article or dropping some lines in the forums. I also recommended The Urban Mama to all my friends who are parents and parents-to-be. And although I only got a chance to join the kopdar once, I still feel as a proud member of The Urban Mama: I'm a TUMbler! =)

The Urban Mama is not only helping me to solve everyday problems as a parent (from parenting to financial tips!), but it taught me about the most principal thing in parenting (more important than ASIX, IMD, RUM, BLW or other abbreviations): Respect.

Parenting is about respecting other people's choices, because there is always a different story in every parenting style. And hopefully, one day we can teach our kids to do the same in their future.

Happy 1st anniversary, The Urban Mama, I wish you more fruitful years to come! (And a big thanks for the founding mamas: Shinta, Thalia and Ninit, and all the crew. Keep up the great job!)


  1. Anonymous2:18 PM

    hi astrid. bagus euy artikelnya. looove it! semoga menang yah! :)

  2. makasih rie..hehehe thanks udah mampir =)