Monday, May 15, 2006

Future Talk

It's like 4 months to my graduation day (if everything is going smoothly), and one of the most popular topics nowadays between me and my foreign classmates is about "going home...or stay?"

For me, the question is rethorical. Of course I will go home! Back to my beloved country...and from my so-called-idealistic-point-of-view, "Do something for Indonesia".

But true, this thought is getting more and more vague. My Latin American friends said to me to at least consider staying here, try to find a job...or a man! Hehehe...They remind me of all the great possibilities if I stay here. More money, better future, and as my Honduran friend said "You can do something for your country better if you had more experiences here."

My friend from Nicaragua even try to find a woman who wants to pretend being his fiancee, to make him easier getting the residence permit here.Talking about effort!

Okay, try not to think about the difficulties first, about my limitation in Dutch language, about the priority they have for the European Union citizens, and about the small opportunities of finding the job I really want here.

Think first about "Do I really want to stay here?" In the country that has freaking system for almost everything, from the education system to the gas and electricity payment system...In the country where you could really know the meaning of "bad weather"...In the country that will cost you a lot just to find a proper place to stay...

Anyway...Maybe it's not about idealistic reason anymore..Maybe the reason why I want to go back is simple. The familiarity of everything, the comfort I have around my friends and family. Or in other words, the crazy, chaotic place I called home..

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